Creating a simple jump menu module from taxonomy terms using the Form API

If you come from a background where you have created your own forms directly in HTML, you may find Drupal’s approach a bit confusing at first. Drupal presents an application programming interface (API) for generating, validating, and processing HTML forms. The form API abstracts forms into a nested array of keys (referred to as properties) and values. Rather than output HTML, we create an array and let the engine generate the HTML.


Responsive web design: Taking a hold of the future with a single website

Mobile computing is fast spreading with mobile computers spreading faster than any other consumer technology in history and even more so in Africa. Developing countries leapfrogged fixed land lines and rapidly adopted mobile telephony much as a result of the poor landline infrastructure. Making mobile phones affordable led to rapid adoption. In Ghana internet penetration is at 14% yet mobile penetration is at an impressive 85% and still going. 2010 statistics revealed Smartphone penetration was estimated at around 18% and has risen ever as they become more affordable.