How to automatically publish your(Drupal) Blog Post to Facebook.

Did you know you could update your Facebook fan page/wall automatically from you website?
Wondering how?

I found a tool to do that easily. RSS Graffiti is your solution.You may ask what is RSS Graffiti? RSS Graffiti™ is a Facebook tool that will keep your Facebook followers updated with your latest news from your RSS sources. What does RSS Graffiti actually do?

RSS Graffiti helps Feed Your Audience:
Publish to Fan, Profile, Group Pages
Engage your Friends and Fans
Automate Posting

RSS Graffiti is actually a Facebook App and what is required is a valid facebook account? It's very simple to set up. Click here to Follow the simple steps to begin publishing the contents of an RSS feed to your profile, page or group.
Now, for my fellow Drupal fanatics, here is a brief way to go about this using Drupal.
You can use views to generate RSS feeds on your site.
In drupal 7, create a view and make sure you select Create a page,select the content type(eg blog entry or any custom content type) and under Items to display,tick the Include an RSS feed check box.
Click the continue and Edit button.
Now,under Format->Content,select RSS.
Save your view and note the path/URL.

Follow this link for a getting started guide on how to integrate your generated RSS feed with the RSS Graffiti App.