Lightning speed to mobile market

The future for online application is brimming with innumerable opportunities. In no other industry has there been a recombination of ideas as the one in the IT sector. Each day ideas are being churned out and businesses are being born.

Information technology is now considered a General Purpose Technology (GPT). This simply means IT is now to mankind what electricity has been to us over the last century. It’s no longer that exogenous factor affecting economies from the outside. A 10% increase in a nation’s broadband means a 1.38% increase in it’s GDP especially for emerging ones.

IT is now a very part of any successful business’s DNA. A third of the world’s population is now online creating an unprecedented opportunity for business growth. The adoption is happening fast with reports from ICT Facts and Figures predicting that there will soon be as many mobile-cellular subscriptions as people inhabiting the planet with the figures set to nudge past the 7bn mark early in 2014. By the end of this year (2013) 39% of the world’s population will be using the internet.

Emerging markets with a deficit in fixed land line infrastructure have adopted impressively to mobile telephony. What all this holds for any business is that excellence in business processes and excellence in brand image is now, more than ever before so essential. The strategies in the brick and mortar world would not necessarily scale to this new territory. Actually they might fail in trying to do so.

Your target markets are being influenced by these trends and winning business strategies ought therefore to be crafted within this new context. Organizations need to incorporate cutting edge technology in their business processes and practices to serve the emerging online market.

Indeed there is something new on the horizon and it’s those who will embrace it who would be the next generation of business leaders. The name of the game now is “lightning speed to mobile market.”