Why today's modern businesses needs to adopt Intranet?

A key requirement in today's business environment is the ability to communicate more effectively, both internally with your employees and externally with your trading partners and customers. Most of today's modern businesses are adopting intranet technology due to its competitive merits in dealing with the corporate information essential for any business. These days, most corporations have their own intranet, which is somewhat like the internet except for the fact that it’s only accessible to those within the company. However, Intranet are not just useful for large enterprises, SMEs can benefit from them hugely too.

What is an intranet?

An intranet is a private - internal collaboration platform designed to help organizations manage their communications, teams, and knowledge that enables employees to share information, collaborate, and improve their communications. Intranet enhance existing communication between employees and provide a common knowledge base and storage area for everyone in an organization.

What does an intranet do?

An intranet has native features to support knowledge management, collaboration, and communication. Today, many business houses working on projects use intranet tools, discussion forms, chats, emails, etc. that help in communicating between different departments of an organization.

  • Manage projects and clients for a services company

  • Meet customers in a discussion forum

  • Build an Intranet or manage knowledge with a wiki

  • Engage and Inform through a web portal

  • Create an extranet for sharing access-controlled information

  • For business to business knowledge management

Benefits of an intranet

An intranet is for organizations with teams, clients, or affiliates who need a common platform to communicate, collaborate, and manage knowledge.
Increases Collaboration: An intranet allows staff members of an organisation to access data, this helps build team work within the organization. Also certain contents of intranet like declaration section, help desk, FAQ, handbook of employee, etc., aids in collaboration among the employees
Collaboration & Communication: Intranet is extremely useful for communication and collaboration between the employees for successful functioning of any business organization. Intranet provides this to businesses in the form of tools like discussion groups, Intranet forms, and bulletin boards. Using intranet tools help in conveying and distributing necessary information or documents among the employees of an organization. This results in easy communication and sound relationship between the employees and top level management.
Productivity:Intranet technology provides fast information to employees and helps to perform their various tasks with responsibility. An employee can access any data from any database of the organization without wastage of time. Employees working on projects can collaborate easily, ensuring better and faster results.
Cost Reduction: An important benefit of Intranet is that it is cost-effective. This can be attributed to the fact that it is paperless. As Intranet supports online publishing, it definitely cuts down the printing and distribution costs as well. All the documents of the company can be published through the Intranet using web pages, as compared to spending money on printing documents. The information can be accessed from the respective workstations of the employees.
Time Saving: All businesses know the importance of time. Using Intranet technology allows to distribute valuable information among the employees in a fast and efficient manner. Intranet saves time by interactivity, i.e employees can access information at a relevant times that suit them, rather than sending and waiting for email and email replies.
Incorporated and Distributed Computing Environment: Intranet supports an active distribution of stored information through different types of operating systems and computer types, from which the employees can access information. Intranet results in distributing information at a lower cost due to the web architecture feature of intranet.
Rich in Format: Intranet allows employees to view documents in various rich format applications as well as video and audio. Multimedia programs can be used with intranet as well, allowing for better communication and information being shared very fast.


Some features that come with an intranet are:
  • Document management (Create, attach, store, share, and collaborate.)

  • Discussions (Communicate, collaborate, and exchange ideas securely.)

  • Events (Manage upcoming events with integrated calendars)

  • Worktracker (Monitor projects, milestones, & deliverables.)

  • Data Security (Granular access control, sitewide.)

  • Identity Management (Roles, Permissions, & LDAP integration.)

  • Workflow (Appropriately manage and publish content. )

  • Notifications (Subscribe, notify, & respond in email.)

  • Microsites (Easily create sub-sites & departmental landing pages.)

  • Multimedia (Embed, store, and access files, images, & videos. )

We implement intranet solutions for clients using open atrium (an open source collaboration platform) built using drupal. We use open atrium because it's powerful enough to accomplish more for your organization. Flexible enough to work with systems you're already using. Open enough to take your organization forward.

Moreover, it's used by some of the world's leading organizations, applauded as a first-class open source collaboration solution. It relies on hundreds of contributors across the globe to improve and grow it. Open Atrium offers extensive documentation, education, and community support.

If you think your organization or business require exactly this solution, then think no further and contact us or perhaps you may have further queries that we would be pleased to attend and clarify.