Ping Africa

  • 08 Jul, 2013
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Project Description

Ping Africa is a community of computing professionals who desire to build relationships with others in the practice, discuss matters on IT-related topics, and learn from the knowledge and expertise of other site members. Most of the members hold high levels of academic and professional qualifications, and they have numerous years of relevant experience in their fields of work. Members connect with each other to build relationships, share in exciting discussions, receive technical directions on resolving on-the-job challenges, and gain sound advice on choosing careers, preparing for exams.
AudibleCode was contacted to revamp the site(which runs on drupal 6) and upgrade it to run on drupal 7 with some added features like social integration, a chat system,SEO and administrative process for content creation. The site has lots of information written by site users like blogs, forums, tutorials and articles. We needed to keep all those content plus all the registered users' information.


For the redesign of the site, AudibleCode worked with to build improved information architecture, streamline the administrative process for content creation and management, and improve the site’s social integration. Migration of the site from drupal 6 to drupal 7 was a successful one though faced with some minor challenges like some of the modules used were not ready for drupal 7 but we managed to work around it. In addition to building the site, we also built a system to automatically generate SEO-friendly URLs. The result is a revamped site that is classy, clean, attractive and makes it easy to find great content. Best of all, it’s intuitive and simple.
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