How to automatically publish your(Drupal) Blog Post to Facebook.

Did you know you could update your Facebook fan page/wall automatically from you website?
Wondering how?

I found a tool to do that easily. RSS Graffiti is your solution.You may ask what is RSS Graffiti? RSS Graffiti™ is a Facebook tool that will keep your Facebook followers updated with your latest news from your RSS sources. What does RSS Graffiti actually do?

RSS Graffiti helps Feed Your Audience:
Publish to Fan, Profile, Group Pages
Engage your Friends and Fans

Drush, a command line for Drupal:Clearing Cache of all Drupal subdomains using Drush

I was working on a project that runs on Apache server that has around 25 + subdomains and run from a single codebase with different databases using Drupal CMS. I needed to clear the inbuilt cache of all subdomains without restarting the server.After searching around. I found a solutions on how to solve this, there is a utility tool named as Drush. It is a command line shell scripting specially built for Drupal. If you do not have drush installed, you can download it from here.

How Restore MYSQL Database Table Structure

This goes out to the web/software developers out there who most a times use MySQL as database for their applications.I was developing a web application and my database crashed(huh!).I really needed to recover the table structure(field names,types,sizes,rows,cols,etc) but had a couple of the .frm files .

I could not imagine myself entering all those field names again,so i decided to find a way to restore my table structure,the table type is innodb.I was not concern about the data.

I found a way to restore innodb with only .frm files:

Baking with CakePhp in Windows Using Xampp

One of the many great things about CakePHP is the ability to use the in built "bake" script that will automatically create all your controllers and views files including all the source code.This article will begin by settingup everything you need to get "bake" working under windows.
I have read many books on CakePHP and it seems when it comes to baking in CakePHP, most authors have left the Windows guys in the dark.I have detailed the steps you will need to start.

First we need to setup windows so that it knows the location of PHP.